KEI UNDERSTANDING IN LOTTERY GAME, The word or use of the word KEI itself is a term that is better known in the world of gambling which means a kind of commission or fee for the Togel Bandar or the parties who are brokers in the game transaction. In the business world, the lower class of kei money can be used as street money, pocket money, cigarette money. For DPR members, kei money can also mean fees, success fees, project commissions, travel expenses, balance sheet and so on. As for traders in Glodok prediksi wla, it can mean KANGTAU, NYIAM CHA, kopisui (coffee money) and so on. Regarding the issue of the use of KEI’s money, just the name of the commission. In the Togel game, Bandar Togel Online is the mediator as those looking for players / bettors to play. The principle is also the same as property brokers , stock brokers , mafia cases and so on . Togel agents support themselves from KEI money like this. So if you win or lose, the dealer will still get KEI. The more players who play in it, the more money KEI will get by the agent. You could say or in other words the bookie will not go bankrupt.

Don’t ever think if you experience a victory of 200 million or 1 billion to make the city bankrupt, that’s wrong thinking. If you lose or win, the dealer will still get a share of the existing money cycle. The agent only takes the value of the kei only. In the game there is a kei value, let’s say for a BIG SMALL market the value is 5%, so the winner will be paid the same as the bet and in the example above you will be paid one million rupiah, whereas if you just lose, you have to pay more plus 5% this becomes one million fifty thousand. So either B or C prediksi hk mbah sukro.


Homo Cross Game is a type of game that guesses the positions of even odd, odd-even, even-even, and odd-odd positions. Anyone can play this game to get more profits by playing at Togel Online. This game is no stranger to gamblers in Indonesia. Of course, for those of you who like to play lottery, it’s a good idea to play this type of cross game. You can get doubled profits because in this gambling you can get benefits that reach up to 70x and even more times. Because in playing online, you will get more benefits in paying the prize even up to 3000 times. So of course, with just a little money, you can immediately become a very lucky millionaire. So to play online you need to join an Online Togel Agent live draw sydney, and you need to choose the best Togel Agent so you can choose the various types of games available by the Togel Bandar you choose. And of course if the dealer is the best then you will get more luck from your playing. For homo cross games, this is a very exciting game and not monotonous. Then you can just install it on Bandar Togel Online.

If this guess we can do in the Front (US, KOP) Middle (KOP, HEAD) or back (HEAD, TAIL) positions. Its position is very similar to the game KEMBANG KEMPIS. If we are only guessing numbers, then here we only see the types of numbers. An example of the formula is as follows: 1,3,5,7,9 including odd numbers, for numbers 0,2,4,6,8 including even numbers. For HOMO = EVEN EVEN or ODD EVEN , CROSS = EVEN EVEN or ODD EVEN . If the result that comes out is 1234 then from that number structure the position is ODD EVEN ODD EVEN . We can start from the numbers 1 (odd) , 2 (even) 3 (odd), 4 (even) . Therefore, if you only put it in the CROSS position for the FRONT, MIDDLE and REAR parts then you win because the position comes out CROSS, namely ODD EVEN (12=FRONT) , Even Odd (23=CENTRAL), Odd Even (34=BACK) . If you only install HOMO then you lose because there is no HOMO. For other explanations as follows, the dark toto number consists of four numbers in the ABCD arrangement, so you need to guess at the front position which is the ab number.