Gambling Drama Stories We Can Take Lessons From

Gambling Drama Stories We Can Take Lessons From, Maybe a little very naive if we learn from drama films that we often watch. Everything will be useless, even what you write will be useless. We will explain a little about the drama of gambling games. Gambling World is a TV series, this drama tells about the unsatisfactory nature of attacking human children. All that was meant and the simplicity of his Brother, who had just returned from studying abroad. Meets his father’s daughter, who becomes a daughter, and a love story. He is not clumsy, unemployed. Often scolded by a strict father. Wi brother Yang recently returned from overseas to study medicine. Get acquainted with the father to head into the company of daughter KeYuan.

The two end up two falling in love. At that time, a master of gambling. Long Jingtian challenged He Yi on behalf of the gambling king and won the victory and took Hejia’s property. Yang is determined to take revenge, and learns gambling from female casino worker Wu Mei. At the same time, Yang learned that the secret of his own life, his character changed greatly, he did not hesitate to kill his father and brother, so that he was disappointed and slandered. sha zhan has a nervous breakdown and is sent to a mental hospital. During the meeting with Jian Ling, under Ling’s care, the sand slowly recovered and the two became more and more emotional.

On the other hand, shaking the sand in the hospital met the old epic moment in any aspect, I found out what really is Young’s father, and had to pass on every extra-sensory Du Shu. Since Ling and Yan had similar appearances, Yang actually thought of Ling as a substitute and was strong in possessing Ling. At this point, Sha and Yang renewed their conflict. The two decided to bet on the table with their lives. What is the end result. The King of Stakes Tells him and his best friend to be good at gambling, is a good helper for Thailand. The two have edited the trademark of the rich, and even caused the debris, and vowed to own the snow.

Gambling Drama Stories We Can Take Lessons From

The Core Path Of This Drama

After the courage to get to know a mysterious woman ICE, he was originally reported to the sea of ​​paternal blood from his father’s murder fifteen years ago, and he was in danger when he failed, but he was lucky to be able to save. Strong and brave tired of the gangster life, decides to immigrate to Canada with his family. Before leaving, due to Tai’s pleas, he decides to make a final order for Tai. Unexpectedly, Tai Jing colluded with the standards and implemented a grand conspiracy to, Thousands of famous big brothers in the casino had the power to play him and his friends. In the gamble, the two helped Thailand to deceive a large number of uncles, and some were taken for themselves.

Ice Chan girl misunderstood the brave son of Tai, killed the father of the Thai newspaper, borrowed the meaning close to courage, and boldly thought that there was an affair. When Father Chen and the Tai Naisha brothers lost their hands in a gambling game. Tai actually killed Chen’s father to protect himself. Ice avoids the United States and practices good skills.

Thailand is dissatisfied and knows that he can no longer trust two people. Thailand tells Uncle Shu, the two work together to lose courage and strength. The strong on the road was hit by a car to serious injuries, Yong was arrested and used, and the injury did not heal. Before the daredevil’s death, Ice turned over a video to the police, and then turned it over to the police to bring the Thais and reins to justice.

Maybe you can take one example, from the explanation in this drama film. What’s in it is only a fictional story that you can take or not. Maybe this depends on what you will imagine about gambling games. It all depends on our common sense, if all of this is going to be a defeat, it’s better if we stay, don’t keep playing.